Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Neck deep in the series...

I am now two-thirds of the way through Veronica Roth's Divergent series, and although I can't say that I'm loving these books as much as the Hunger Games trilogy, I can say that they have captured my attention.

On Goodreads, I gave this book three stars but then bumped it up to four stars after a couple day's reflection.  The thing is, I liked Divergent better than Insurgent, so it doesn't seem right to give them both the same ranking.  But since there are no half stars, and since the trilogy so far (in my humble opinion) is a four star story, I decided to do my "packaged deal" ranking of the books.  Also, giving the book Four stars seems quite appropriate, don't you think?  (*giggles*)

Now, as far as the plot goes, I don't want to reveal too much since you really must read the first book, um, first.  If I tell you the plot of Insurgent, I will be spoiling the plot of Divergent.  Since I strongly lack talent in summing up plots anyway (and in writing as a whole), I'll just skip it this time.  (You're welcome.)  Just know that if you do read Divergent, I do recommend continuing on in the story by reading Insurgent.

With that said, I have started reading the third and final book in the trilogy, Allegiant.  I am actually really interested in how Roth will end her series, especially since it has such mixed reviews.  (Nothing peaks curiosity like a good controversy!)  Also, when I'm done reading it, I can pat myself on the back for being so cool and contemporary (two things I never attained in high school) even if my fourteen year old doesn't think so… she watched the movie, "Divergent," and hated it because she had no idea what was going on.  *sigh*  Oh well.

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