Tuesday, February 25, 2014

That awkward moment when I say, "Hello?!"

The first post on a new blog is always a bit awkward… especially when no one is reading it.

Other than myself, there is one other person who knows I've started a blog about books.  My husband.  When I told him, he simply replied, "So that's what you're up to now?"  (I will blame his lack of enthusiasm on his sleeping meds.)

Reading between the lines, I know he's implying that this is yet another harebrained scheme of mine that I'm destined to get bored of sooner than later, like writing a book (I've discovered I'm better at reading them), learning Hebrew (four months later, it still looked like chicken scratch to me), starting an online Etsy shop (but what would I sell?), and going to the gym (all I needed was the right apparel, but once I looked so sporty, why would I want to go sweat?).

The thing is, about a month ago (after finishing off a bottle of wine) I told him how perfect it would be to do an online review of the books that I read.  It made perfect sense.  (So did a lot of other ideas -like another bottle of wine- but that's the one that stuck.)

What do I love most?  A good book.  And am I talented enough to write a book?  No.  So writing about books seemed like a fantastic idea.

Of course, getting paid to write about books is an even better idea… but I'm not that ambitious, and no one is that foolish.

In the end, lacking any readers, this blog will probably get pushed aside as I move on to my next brilliant idea.  (After all, my husband is always right in the end.)  But for now I will blissfully ignore it's doomed fate and blog my little heart out about what it loves most… books.  ;)